Decorative magnetic covers for recessed lighting.


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Instant Transformation

EzClipse is the quickest way to instantly transform the look and feel of your living room, family room, kitchen, basement, or whichever part of your home needs a refresh. EzClipse uses a patented magnetic fastening system, so you just attach it in seconds, and it stays there – a truly instant transformation. It’s the quick, trendy and “EZ” way to bring your dated decor into the modern age.

No Tools & No Mess

With EzClipse, there’s no mess, so there’s no cleanup. There’s no labor required, so there’s no wasted time. You don’t need any tools, or any knowledge of design, construction, or wiring whatsoever. That’s what makes it the best, easiest product on the market to breathe new life into your dated home decor.

Quick & Easy Installation

Here’s how easy it is to install EzClipse: set it into place on the trim of your pot light or can light, and the magnet does the work. That’s it – you’re done, and your room gets a whole new look. It’s available in universal sizes, and it’s compatible with over 85% of all the recessed lights out there. Save yourself time and money. Use EzClipse to give your room the fresh, bold look that it deserves.