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Modern Home Decor: Why Lighting Matters

modern lighting ideasLighting is a key design and decor element in any home. It allows us to have a cozy, comfortable reading space. Prepare delicious meals for our families in the kitchen. It lights our way down the hallway for bed.

With lighting being such an important aspect in the enjoyment of our homes, it is crucial that it be given due consideration when decorating or designing a home.

1. Functionality & Use of Space

Interior lighting is a major component in the functionality, use and enjoyment of our spaces.

As an example, a floor that directs light down onto a sofa in a living room would allow you to browse through a magazine, read a book or lessen strain on your eyes while watching a movie. Having that one floor lamp allows you to have multiple uses for just one space.

Updating old lighting can brighten up different parts of a room, in addition to bringing a new life and feel to it.

2. Emphasize Your Home Decor

With you are more traditional or prefer modern home decor, your lighting choices will help to further your style of ideas

For example, a beautiful crystal chandelier hung over a dining room table will undoubtedly spell out elegance; something along the lines of an EzClipse lighting shade will give a contemporary and modern feel.

3. Highlights

Lighting is not just a necessity when it comes to home decor, it is also a tool. Placement of lights can have a huge impact on architecture and decor elements. Think of a beautiful work of art that is lit from the warm glow of a well-positioned sconce. The piece becomes a focal point in the room and adds visual interest to the eye.

interior lightingLighting can be easy to overlook in your home, as it’s not tangible, like a sofa or chairs. But for any space, lighting should be one of the first elements considered for the decor plan. It’s crucial for the functionality and decor theme, and it stirs up visual interest.


For your next home decor project, consider your lighting and the impact it will have on your home!

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