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5 Trends in Indoor Lighting for Home Decor

Trends move quickly in the home decor space, and one of the biggest trends these days is is to use lighting design to make a statement in your interior spaces.

Here we'll look at five ways that designers and DIY'ers alike are using lighting as a focal point in their home's decor -- and how EzClipse plays into some of these trends:

1. Scandinavian Lighting

With minimalist contemporary styles being on trend for the past couple of years, Scandinavian style lighting is still very much a top contender for top lighting trends. With its sleek shape and sporting only the most essential components, Scandinavian lights are an easy style that compliments most decor styles.

If you have recessed lighting: An easy way to give it a minimalist feel is with a sleek recessed lighting conversion, using the EzClipse low profile line. It will cover the existing trim of the recessed lighting, freshening up your tired can lights/pot lights, but not dominating the room as a focal point.

2. Lighting As Art

Lighting is more than just functional - it can also work with your decor to act as an art piece. Whether you are incorporating well placed wall sconces or custom neon signs, consider creative lighting that has a creative flare.


3. Dramatic, Statement Pieces

Whether you have a tiny urban condo or a lofty country estate, an oversized statement light can be the perfect addition to your decor.  

4. Detailed Flush Mounts

We've long stared are the ugly and unimpressive flush mount fixtures. An amazing, imaginative trend is looking back to flush-mounts passed and taking inspiration from traditional Parisian styles. We’re loving the starburst designs that add a touch of glam to any space.

If you have recessed lighting: a simple way to achieve a similar look, in a cost-effective manner, is with the EzClipse Shade line, some of the most nifty lighting conversion shades around. Offerings from our Shade line will give your fixtures length and similarly draw eyes towards the light.

5. Rustic Meets Industrial

With some of the hottest trends in the last couple of years being barn board, every day use of industrial materials (like curtain rods made out of piping!) it should come as no surprise that we’re seeing the marriage of rustic and industrial lighting styles. A well-selected piece can act as a chameleon adding texture to a stark, modern space or playing up an already vintage decor theme.

If you have recessed lighting: EzClipse are a great way to add a modern twist to your lighting in a rustic space. The EzClipse Stylish line is available in finishes such as satin chrome, which can play beautifully off of natural wood grains in your home.

Need more trends? Check out our Lighting trends for 2015 Pinterest board!

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