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What’s in an EzClipse? Spotlight on Silicone

In a previous post we looked at why EzClipse recessed lighting covers use ultra-strong Rare Earth magnets.

Not only do the Rare Earth Magnets provide incredibly strong hold to the recessed lighting trim, they also have a superior lifespan, taking up to hundreds of years for their magnetism to fade. It also makes EzClipse incredibly easy to install on your recessed lighting (a.k.a., can lights, pot lights, down lights).

Now we’re looking at another important material used in an EzClipse product: silicone.

What is Silicone?

Silicone, not to be confused with the element Silicon, is a type of synthetic polymer, with units of silicon, oxygen and carbon/hydrogen. Silicone is widely used for its heat resistant properties as well as its texture, making it a perfect composition for everything from sealants to cookware.

Why We Use Silicone in EzClipse

During production of EzClipse there were a number of concerns we wanted to address so that the end result was as user-friendly and hassle-free as possible.

A couple of the key areas we looked at were resistance to heat, aesthetics, and interaction with existing finishes.

After experimenting with a number of materials during the prototype stage, we landed on Silicone. It has a number of characteristics that were important: it does not scratch or scuff existing ceiling treatments; it’s easy to clean by wiping gently with warm soapy water; and it won’t break if knocked down. Perhaps most importantly, it looks great.

What Kind of Silicone We Use

The type of silicone used in the construction of EzClipse is very heat-resistant, which is very important when applying to existing recessed lights – especially ones that are using halogen bulbs. It’s also extremely durable, and easy to clean.

There you have it! Another top-notch ingredient in the recipe of an EzClipse, the simplest can light converter product in the world today. Silicone is a crucial element in the quality and value that an EzClipse. Our recessed lighting covers add a new sense of drama and they are an easy, cost-effective and trendy home decor product for your lighting.




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