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Improving Recessed Lighting - An Easy Home Staging Solution

If you are getting ready to sell your home, you may have heard of home staging. Home staging is the the practice of de-cluttering and restyling a home that is going to be listed for sale in such a way that will attract the highest number of buyers.

The art of home staging is not about depersonalizing or ‘white washing’ a space. It is about making the home feel as move-in ready as possible.

One of the elements of home staging that is commonly addresses is the replacement or updating or fixtures such as faucets, door hardware and lights. Replacing fixtures can be a low cost modification that can have a great return on investment in the sale of your home!

How to Improve Recessed Lighting for Home Staging

Most fixtures are easy enough to dismantle on your own, without having to hire a professional. One exception may be replacing existing recessed lights. Not only may you require the services of an electrician to replace the units, as well as a paint touch-up for your ceiling there is also the cost of purchasing a new recessed light unit! All this adds up fast.

Welcome the brilliance of EzClipse. This innovative home decor product allows you to instantly transform existing recessed lights by simply attaching them to the trim of the recessed lights. The EzClipse recessed light cover is held on magnetically, using Rare Earth Magnets! As EzClipse are coated with silicone, they will not mark up the ceiling and are incredibly heat resistant!


See how easy it is to install an EzClipse:



If you’re getting ready to put your house up for sale, consider updating your recessed lights using EzClipse! Send us your pictures on Twitter or Facebook, using #EzClipseInspo.




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