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The Best Types of Lighting for Your Home

When setting out to either update your existing lighting or starting your home decor from scratch, lighting is an important part of modern home decor.

To get you start on creating a lighting plan for your home, you need to know the basics. What are the ‘basics’ you may ask? That would be three types of lighting.

Typically you will see three types of lighting in a home:

    1. Ambient (general lighting)
    2. Task
    3. Accent

    Each type of lighting plays a different and important role in the enjoyment and functionality of your space.

    1. Ambient Lighting

    Ambient lighting is normally defined as the overall illumination of the space. This is the type of lighting that allows you to walk around and see in a particular room. Typically ambient lighting is provided by chandeliers, recessed lighting or wall-mounted fixtures.

    Our EzClipse Low Profile line of recessed lighting covers is a fantastic way to add a little bit of flare and style to the ambient lighting in your room, if you're using can lights/pot lights.


    2. Task Lighting

    As it says in the name, task lighting allows you to perform a specific task such as reading or cooking. A great example of a task light is a bedside lamp which allows for reading before bed. Task lighting may also be provided by track lights, well positioned recessed lights as well as floor and table lamps. Our EzClipse Low Profile pivot model (available soon) is a great way to redirect lights in whichever direction you require.

    3. Accent Lighting

    Accent lighting is used to draw your attention to something in the home. Whether it is the vaulted ceilings or a piece of artwork, accent lighting is positioned to highlight and display the object of interest.

    By using all three types of lighting in your home decor, you will create a space that has great usability as well as creating visual interest and drama!

    The EzClipse Shade line is a perfect way to draw interest


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