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How to Change Your EzClipse

In previous posts were looked at what EzClipse recessed lighting covers are as well as some of the very special materials that we have selected to create a quality product.

What is equally important is how to install our innovative home decor product! 

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Ezclipse decor for recessed lighting

Not to over simplify, but installing an EzClipse recessed lighting cover has three steps

1. Remove your EzClipse shade from its packaging;

2. Turn off lights;

3. Click your EzClipse shade onto the trim of your existing recessed light; and,

Once it’s in place, enjoy your new home decor! We developed EzClipse recessed lighting covers to be user friendly. We want to avoid the hassle and the stress that can accompany home renovations or major decor updates. The ultra-strong Rare Earth magnets paired with the resistant silicone make for a product that almost anyone can install in their home.

It Really Is That Simple

EzClipse inventor, Kory Keogan, demonstrates in this short video just how simple it is to install and remove our recessed lighting covers and shades.

Updating your home decor with EzClipse recessed lighting covers is so easy to use that it only requires 30 seconds of your time and three steps!


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