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Convert old incandessant lights to LED! 4 Simple steps!

Some of you are ready to convert those old incandescent lights into modern LED lights. It takes a retrofit kit, a bit of time and isn't that hard to do.

However, if you're looking for a quick style change, or to diffuse your existing light with a nice shade, EzClipse is the no tools, no mess answer for you. Our covers are made with earth magnets and literally just 'click' into place!


Here are the steps to converting those old incandescent lights:

Step 1. Remove the existing trims around the lights.

Step 2. Adjust the lamp-holder all the way to the top or simply remove it. This makes room for the LED light.

Step 3. Screw in the adapter to the light bulb socket and install the LED unit.

Step 4. Insert the torsion springs into the brackets, and push the LED up in place.

Here is a great video demonstrating the process:


If you're looking for that quick fix in the interim, we've got you covered with EzClipse!

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