Update Your Recessed Lighting Fixtures with EzClipse

Create a new look and feel for your recessed lighting fixtures with EzClipse. Using our patented, high-powered magnetic fastening system, EzClipse covers attach instantly to recessed lighting—allowing you to create a stylish new look in just seconds.
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Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Quick & Easy Installation – No Tools & No Mess!

Installing EzClipse to your recessed lighting fixtures is a breeze. There's no need for tools, rewiring or messy clean ups. They instantly snap into place around the trim of your recessed lights, and use powerful rare earth magnets to ensure that once they're installed, they stay installed.

Is Your Lighting Compatible with EzClipse?

EzClipse magnetic covers come in a variety of styles and are compatible with 85% of all recessed lighting fixtures on the market. With a variety of styles and shades to choose from, they're the perfect way to add a unique look. To find out if your lighting is compatible, just follow these three simple steps:

Step 1

Count the number of lights you'd like to cover (you'll need one EzClipse cover for each light).

Step 2

Measure the trim of each recessed light from outside edge to outside edge in inches.

Step 3

Pick out the style and number of EzClipse covers you want from our online store.

And that's it! It’s the fast and easy way to create a bold new look for your home's recessed lighting fixtures!